Friday, August 7, 2009

Now, THAT'S kewl! [Church Street Fetish Fair]

I just found this: There's a celebration of leather, fetish and fantasy communities on Church Street on the 16th of August. I wanna go there! I should go. It's coinciding with the Reenozaur's birthday week-end, but may be I should take her with me. And it's running for its 6th year and it seems round 20,000 people attended last year. That should be fun! It's like a leather pride of sorts!

Now, I am not into leather... Not at all! Leather's such a turn-off for me! But I do like metal (wink!), and I do have a fetish for exceptionally original underwear. Well it also depends on who's wearing them. And they'll be selling all sorts of accessories and gadgets. Not that I can afford any, but I think this event should be instructive!


Pascalou said...

Wow, Professor, you definitely have a lot to teach me :p

Please send pictures. Arhem.

Maverick Muezzin said...

you're going there for the metal? maybe keep a strong magnet stashed in a strategic place ;)