Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Done! It's Done! IPC 377 Read Down! [wohooooooo!!!]

That's it! It's done! Ho gaya! I can't believe it! Wohooooo!!

After years of waiting, lobbying, fighting etc. and after a bloody night where we were all biting our nails and couldn't sleep, we finally got to learn that the IPC (Indian Penal Code) 377, left-over from the British Raj has been scrapped! Wohooooo!!! I never thought it would feel like this! It does feel like one of the happiest days of my life! And who would have thought we would wake up one day and read the following headlines in the newspapers and news channels: "Delhi High Court legalises consensual gay sex"!!!

I think about the entire gang of lawyers, I think about Vivek (specially you!), I think about Mario, Siddharth, Gautam, Arvind, Dipti, Ponni, Priya... Well ALL of you! With so much love!

"What next?"-- I don't want to ponder on this question right now! It feels so good! It feels bloody good!

As this dear Mario would put it himself: "Section 377, 1860-2009. Colonial Ignorance, Prejudice, Violence RIP! Sodomy is no longer a crime in India! I am so proud of the Delhi High Court! I am so proud to be an Indian!"

As for me, I am not Indian, but I feel proud nonetheless! And so freaking happy!