Friday, March 6, 2009

Time And The Broken Heart [a sonnet]

His boy said: "I'm bored of you! It's time to end!
The story's lasted long enough, goodbye mate!"
He felt the crack in his heart, that he'd have to mend:
"I'll be brave," he thought, "And get my life straight."

He called up his friends, in humbled state:
"I feel distressed" he said. "Seeking words of advice."
All of them replied that, he had to wait,
For time heals it all; time will suffice.

Yes... Time healed it in the past: once, twice, thrice.
He saw hopes ticking a clock on the wall;
Heard the broken heart-- a detonating device.
Waited, till he realized : "Time does not heal it all!"

Along with time, he needed pancakes and maple syrup-- lots!
Plus bitching, crying, smoking and a few vodka shots.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This IS Overwhelming! [a video]

A friend of mine sent me the link to this video some time back, and I must say, it is very overwhelming, close to the most beautiful thing I saw in a long time. As I woke up the other day and watched it, I actually cried throughout the duration of the clip. It just touched me so much, like one of those things that I can't describe, but I ought to share with you, so here it is. Is it the dance? Is it the joy in it? Is it that man traveling the world? Is it just the beauty of the act? I don't know... I think I went through my life crying of grief, crying of pain, crying of stress, crying of dejection, but really rarely did I cry of beauty, and that's what I did when I watched this video.

Let me know what you think and also, do check this website [link here] which explains the entire project-- fascinating stuff!

Small Poem For All Those [Saintly] Work-oholics Out There

When I was a kid,
One thing they did
Say: "Work is worship!"
So I worked, crazy shit!

Now as an adult,
I think of the result:
May be I should
Apply for Sainthood?