Sunday, May 9, 2010

Two Videos Till I Get Back to Writing!

So to begin with, in the news, I am in Mauritius and I didn't die on the way. Yes, it's quite a miracle that I survived. I have some queer tropical anecdotes and such to share with you, and these will be put up here in the coming week. (I was too busy beaching and bitching in the past week.)

For now, I have two uber-cool, awesome, gigantic, hilarious, funny videos to share.

---- Queer Than Thou (link here) is a video that reminds me of Peterpatch, our dear queer, vegan, hipster, feminist, green, leftist, polyamorous town that celebrates self-love. The video is a comedy that tackles the age-old question: "Oh (Queer Behind the) Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the queerest of them all?" Casted through the representation of numerous (non)-identities of the queer communities (straight out of Peterpatch!), Queerer Than Thou explores the boundaries of identity and performance, and renders humorous the tensions that frequently exist along these borders. Humor from within, funny and corroding, nothing like it!

---- The second video (link here) is a fake commercial on the Brontë Sisters Power Dolls and is quite a hilarious master-piece. Literary nerds, Brontë fans and feminists, you gotta see it. All the others, you still gotta see it!