Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yaaron Dosti: The Performance Bank [anecdote, video]

Those three videos are from the "Performance Bank", the performance of the slum kids in Aundh at the Vaishwik Art Environment on 01-04-07. Tanu and I had been teaching them some theatre, dance and painting since the beginning of the year, and we came up with the "Performance Bank" where one could donate and show-case one's talent. The kids were absolutely fabulous, as you can see for yourselves!
Anandi was of great help in helping us to work with the kids. She diligently came once or twice a week with her guitar, and accompanied the kids in helping them to find the right note and the right tune! Yaaron Dosti... that's what they sang!
Here's the thank-you time to all the people without whom there would not be a "Performance Bank": Mr and Mrs Gandhi (Anandi's parents for their support), Mr Bhaskar Hande, Gurleen for her beautiful words, Meghna for being there, Nisha and Varsha for allowing the kids to see art from altogether new eyes, Preetal and Namrata, Mi and her family, my parents for the costumes, and above all, Tanu for her faith in carrying the project forward!
Life is beautiful... Smiles are meant to be shared!

Nadi Dance: The Performance Bank [anecdote, video]

This video is about the "nadi-dance". It's a piece of contemporary dance that I taught the kids, based on a theme.
The dance portrays the life of the river, as it starts it's quiet journey and flows through various rythms and emotions. We thus depict its various flows, its turmoils, it's cascade angst, and the end of the piece (the video here) shows the confluence of two rivers.
Kudos to the kids! May the river flow...