Friday, March 6, 2009

Time And The Broken Heart [a sonnet]

His boy said: "I'm bored of you! It's time to end!
The story's lasted long enough, goodbye mate!"
He felt the crack in his heart, that he'd have to mend:
"I'll be brave," he thought, "And get my life straight."

He called up his friends, in humbled state:
"I feel distressed" he said. "Seeking words of advice."
All of them replied that, he had to wait,
For time heals it all; time will suffice.

Yes... Time healed it in the past: once, twice, thrice.
He saw hopes ticking a clock on the wall;
Heard the broken heart-- a detonating device.
Waited, till he realized : "Time does not heal it all!"

Along with time, he needed pancakes and maple syrup-- lots!
Plus bitching, crying, smoking and a few vodka shots.


Reena said...

pancakes and maple syrup and snow! me thinks you should now apply for Canadian citizenship, you'll be eligible ;)

Reena said...

more seriously, give it time.

Astraeus said...


u are all ready to jet set dear boy, no time for moping.
U are made for better stuff...

lots of love.