Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lines from 'The Hours'

I once more watched The Hours yesterday. I always make it a point to watch it once every-year (Angels in America being the other film that I always watch at least once every year.) Those two obviously make up two of the three DVDs I actually have in my DVD (non)-collection.

Each time I watch The Hours I can't help but be surprised by how accomplished this film is. I think is it not just one of my favorite films, but it simply is my favorite film ever. Once more, it left me with an overwhelming sense of I-don't-know-what, and I realize how much more I learn and discover from watching this film over and over again. It's like "the moment" and the "morning of possibilities" open themselves up and linger throughout the duration of the film and more. Here are two of my favorite lines from the film. The second one being the voice of Virginia Woolf allowing the closure (if closure there is at all) of the narrative:

"Am I still up for all this
All this intensity
All those arguments
Doors being slammed..."


"To look like in the face
Always, to look life in the face
And to know it for what it is
At last, to know it
To love it for what it is
And then...
... To put it away"


finkployd said...

My gosh, The Hours has always been extremely close to my heart. I, too, make it a point to watch it AT LEAST once a year if not more. And each time that i watch the film my insides rumble with change. I grow with every time i watch that film. Can't really point what i learn and how i grow, but i know my mind kind of starts rolling soon after.

And yes, the closing line of the film...just can't stop the tears when they're spoken.

What a film.

Astraeus said...

have heard so much about angels inamerica, i should definitely look for that film

Astraeus said...

yay yay.
please look for it in that case