Monday, August 3, 2009

I Bid The Man Thank You [a sonnet]

It is somewhere by the twilight
(When orange hues give way to blue
And fairies kiss in silver light)
That I bid the man thank you:

For magic powder that looked so true
For lullabies he wrapped me in
For whistling in the wind- that too
For fairy tales cast on my skin.

Ladybird in beard, dragon-fly on shin,
Smoky flakes, a cherry velvet drape;
Musing in a snow globe, he played the violin
As I folded myself, in the seam of his cape.

I bid him an adieu, in manner somehow askew.
I kissed the man thank you with feelings somehow untrue.


Reena said...

I love!!

Reena said...

The real Pipo plays the harmonica!

feral geographer said...

as a big fan of the moomins, i'm confused: who's pipot??? snufkin plays the harmonica, but i can't think of any character who plays a flute.

feral geographer said...

zomg, you totally SHOULD! then all of us lonely moomin-fans could have a chance to feel the love...

little my is my favourite.