Monday, May 18, 2009

The Note-Book [a poem]

An old note-book:
Scribbles in blue ink,
Black ink and sometimes
Purple, red, pink.
Post-cards, square stamps
From here, from there,
Stick to pages of
Coffee stains, dust, saliva,
Sometimes tears
That have disappeared.

And here, and there,
Torn pages: lacerated
Like a heart
Where a relationship has ended.


Pascalou said...

I tried to make a notebook several times, like little girls do (and like little gays do, and little straight who shoulda been gay somehow).

Just because I wanted the casual, clumsy look of it, you know, those people who write in a most elegant way, but are not quite aware of it.

Well, turns out I don't have enough patience, I tend to tear off every page I don't like, and I'd like some coffee stains too, but they never look casual when I do them.

Maybe someday, cyber-archeologists will find my computer is a bit like these notebook, in a very "vintage-contemporary 21st century way" ?

You know, the clumsy icons, the... alright, forget it.

rads said...

I liked your ending.

Somehow I wonder, if I wrote this, I'd have changed a single word to say

"Torn pages: lacerated
Like a heart
Where a relationship has ended"

Different visualization and effect I know. Hope you didn't mind me saying this. :)