Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Funky Rhyme [a poem]

[This poem is dedicated to Tanushree, for telling me to 'Funky it up!']

She read one poem, and then two
And then more, devouring them
Words, soft as strawberries
With a flow that rises, sets, varies
Like sweet breeze through the hem
Of her skin, her hair, her breasts too.

She found the words clear and crisp
But didn't like the rhyme pattern
AA, BB, CC...
"Funky it up" she said, "and let's see
Imagination & creation take a new turn:
Your words can be more than a repetitive lisp!"

So I set out to dance to different a chime.
Decided to funky it up like a mad dictionary.
Added transgressive tastes, acknowledged diversity
Like a naughty child: disrespectful, full of perversity
New rhyme licked fingers over top of jars feeling merry,
Over tastes of green-vanilla... red-chocolate... blue-lime...

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