Monday, May 2, 2011

How TV Ruined Your (Love) Life

Charlie Brooker made this wonderful series for the BBC, called How TV Ruined Your Life. It's everything I like (and according to some who know me quite well, it's everything I am): cynical, critical, darkly humorous, verging of pungent bitterness... Ah, British humor!

This summer, I am starting a working group and running a series of workshops on polyamory. I think I'll screen this episode of How TV Ruined Your Life in my first workshop-- we're discussing representations of relationships in mainstream media, seeing how they frame our own imaginary and expectations about what our relationships are and/or ought to be and we're establishing ways to identify, acknowledge and come to terms with these moments.

This particular episode, "How TV Ruined Your Life: Love," is a must-watch for all the cynical lovers out there and/or for all the polyamorous lovers out there.

Note to myself: maybe I should start a cynical lovers' group along with my poly- group!


juggleshwari said...

LOVE the episode. Facebooking and tweeting it everywhere. PEOPLE MUST WATCH!!! it.

Amak said...

Thanks! :-)

It's fun, isn't it?!