Friday, January 7, 2011

Untitled Poem [or three Haikus in English]

[I leave this poem untitled. I just want to point out that the Haiku in English (link here) is not to be confused with the Haiku (link here). They're both two different genres, at least according to me.]

Tin foil, havocked roof
Cold body exposed, shameless
Run-down hut, dark night.

Red toes, muggy tongue
Shapeless burn of alcohol
Wretched navel, pain.

Dead cat, fiery hair
Broken bottle, scattered ash
He tiptoes away.


Neil said...

I love how so few words can create such a vivid image. Your word-pairings are awesome. Like dead cat - kidding! Muggy tongue is great.

I read it as a silent retreat after a failed attempt at creating warmth.

Amak said...

Oh... Neil, you're not even supposed to read my poetry!! You are an actual published poet. What goes in this blog is teenager-in-love-pseudo-pining poetry. No, no, no! Read everything else, but not my vague attempts at putting words together!

Amak said...

Well... I should also thank you for your comment, even if I'm intimidated now!

Neil said...

Intimidated - please. You should write more. Put it out there.

Amak said...

Noted! :-)