Friday, January 21, 2011

Love at Work, HA! [I still prefer sex at work]

I thank Blair over at Gay in the City for posting this video that made my day. Ah, it feels good to laugh! Of course, laughter is to be shared, so here we go: let this video land on this blog too!

I think I will sign up for this website. Of course, I am NOT looking for another starving writer/academic/artist. A plumber to clean my pipes then? *hem*ahem* All puns aside, at the moment, I would quite fancy a CEO with a black leather throne of a chair and a thick wallet in this pocket. No, I mean a real wallet. A thick one. With loads in it. Loads of money is what I mean. I'm serious. No pun intended. I got bills to pay!


Nisha said...

Hahaha, the video sure is brilliant!! :D
Good luck with the wallet!

Amak said...

he.heeee... Thanks! :-)