Thursday, March 11, 2010

Husbands and Husbands [and that's why we love kids!]

This video has been traveling fast on various blogs from the Better Blogging Bureau of Queer Canada (I like calling it this, but simply call it Queer Canada Blogs if you want!) So I thought I would share this video here too, though I am doing it for different reasons.

Lil'Gemmy, my nine year old gem of a house-mate (whom his brothers and I have been co-parenting four days a week, by the way, but this will come in another post later on) told me the other day that he felt very sad that I wouldn't be able to have children of my own in the future if I decided to get married to another man. He said he found it sad that two men couldn't have babies and he thought there should be some medico-techonological invention to allow them to carry babies. (I took it as a compliment and as a sign that I have been doing well in my co-parenting duties and with helping him with his math homework and with putting him in bed and reading him a story on and off etc.)

This child surprises me, for last December, when Mr Sculptor came to visit me, he actually asked his mum whether he was boyfriend. To this, his mum replied that he'd better ask me himself, and the next day, he came in the kitchen and happily asked me: "So, did your friend sleep over last night?!!" Ah, kids!

Here's the video:

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