Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bodies of Dissent: TransForm [9th-10th april, the trans conference, peterborough, on]

For those who are in and around Peterborough, or even further away in Ontario, or not even in Ontario for that matter, please do note that the second Trans-Conference, "Bodies of Dissent" will be held at the Peterborough Public Library and a couple of other venues in the downtown core of Peterborough on the 9th-10th April 2010. 

Peterborough, though an imperfect small town in so many ways, is probably one of the most trans-friendly places where I have seen so far. Well, maybe not "friendly" but definitely open enough to the possibility including a visibility for trans subjects within the town (and the Trent U campus as well.) As many of you may know, trans-issues are where a major chunk of my politically queer/queerly political leanings lie. So if you get the chance to come and show your support,  workshop/network/learn new things, meet interesting people and on the whole, just have a whole lot of fun, this is the link to the Fakebooc page, and this is the link to the website.

As well, I'd like to mention that I had a jolly good time at the conference last year. It was the first one organized, by a group of friends and their supporters and I must say it was one of the best conferences I attended. This year, since I cannot volunteer or help in anyway (thesis! thesis!) I am opening my doors and laying out all the couches and mattresses in the house for whomever is coming to the conference and needs a place to crash. So, you even have a place where to sleep now, so come on over!

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