Friday, September 4, 2009

Gentleman Reg [musical discovery]

Dame Yani took me to a concert last week-end, as part of the Peterborough Folk Festival. The entire event was rather interesting and together, we saw Gentleman Reg live. Most of you may not know who Gentleman Reg is, and neither did I till Dame Yani brought me to the concert. If you have watched J. C. Mitchell's masterpiece, Shortbus (which as I argue, is the best post-9/11 film I've seen so far-- but then, my reading of the film seems to be slightly unconventional), then you've listened to Gentlemen Reg without knowing who he (along with his band) is! Indeed, Gentlemen Reg contributed the song It's Not Safe as part of the Shortbus soundtrack.

Reg Vermue (and gosh, he's so hot and such a charmer on stage!) was born in Trenton, Ontario and one of his band members is actually from Peterborough. In the past year I didn't take to Canadian Indie Rock at all, despite the big craze here. But I think Gentleman Reg definitely triggered my interest. For you, here is Gentleman Reg live performing It's Not Safe, the song that is part of the Shortbus soundtrack.


FeralAngel said...
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FeralAngel said...

Shortbus certainly was good but for some reason people seem to have issues with the considerable adult content. However, oddly enough I know more people who like it than don't. I hope that means it's gaining in popularity. Gentleman Reg is pretty good but the one singer who really captured me from Shortbus was Jay Brannan and his song Soda Shop.

(Sorry for the sudden delete of my first post, part of it got accidentally deleted when I published the comment.)

FeralAngel said...

It's true what you say, Shortbus is one of the few films that could fascinate but not provoke lust in me. Thinking about it on a bus today I felt that the reason people were so uncomfortable with the film is due to the characters who acted so comfortable with one another. Even the filming of what is normally considered shocking content was done in a comfortable way. Rarely do you find people in such situations as Shortbus depicts that keep such a comfortable air about them.

Astraeus said...

Shortbus is absolutely beautiful. A masterpiece on canvas. I Loved loved loved it. It took me three viewings till i finally unravelled it and when i did it took my breath away.
soda shop is definitely my favourite too, along with winter's love and in the end.

My next 'queer' paper whenver it is shall be on shortbus. :P