Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And What Have Statistics Got To Do With It Anyway? [discrimation, statistics and two videos]

I am more and more amazed by how statistics are still very much used to reinforce discourses around forms of discrimination. Be it racism, homophobia, transphobia, any other forms of phobia, hatred, intolerance... You just name it, and there stands the Great Statistical Results that act as arbiters and that will adjudicate anything and everything in matters of (in)justice. Add in a few percentages here, a few figures there and back it up with the name of the agency that conducted the research and released the results (and please forget all the other details and variables involved in it) and there you are: you can legitimately put forward any claim you want!

So today I will have the great honor of posting two of my latest discoveries! They are both fantastic videos that I absolutely love.

So if you ever wondered what statistics have to do with racism, here is the answer!

And now, why not another video about how statistics demonstrate that homosexuality is a bad, bad, bad thing?!

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