Saturday, June 20, 2009

Post-It Love [a video]

Many of you who know me rather well know about my obsession with straight lines (more here) and my other obsession: post-its. I use them always, everywhere, in all shapes and colors. You can find them in my room, in my office, but even in my kitchen, or sometimes on the mirror of the bathroom. It takes a lot (of post-its) for me to get organized! And come on, there is something exciting about post-its, don't you think?

Anyway, this film was screened last week at the Worldwide Short Films Festival in Toronto (link here.) Since it is available on Youtube, I thought I should share it. It's by Simon Atkinson and Adam Townley and it is from U.K. And it is just 3.5 minutes, so you can watch by clicking here. Sorry, couldn't post it on my blog straight away! It's doing weird things to the blog settings.

P.S: I once declared my love to a boy through post-its. It wasn't as elaborate as that, but it was still very creative in its own way. Sigh...


Astraeus said...

ooh post its is a very innovative style now

whre be date no 1. where where where where?

rads said...

heh, sure, I liek 'em post-its too! It's cute scribbling 'i heart u's on a post it, but I once heard a guy broke up with his girl on a post-it.

That's right up there with breakup-via-text message in jerville me thinks!

Pascalou said...
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