Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heard of the New Google Wave? [for all the google-freaks and non-google-freaks out there!]

As I discovered and tried new features to my i-google this morning (that I absolutely love!) and as I wonder what my life would be without all the google gadgets (and post-its as well!!) and as I know that many of you are worse google-freaks that I am, here's a small preview of the new Google Wave. I am sure, most of you have heard about it by now, but for those who haven't, here is the full 80 minutes demo-video; for those who don't have time, here are a few small clips taken from the demo video (the essentials really, it's exciting) and here's a sneak-peek of what it looks like.

The basic idea behind the wave is: if the e-mail was invented right now, what would it look like? It comes out later this year. This should be an exciting adventure!

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Pascalou said...

I wish we could use Google Documents at my office to work together. We keep making copies and new versions and new-newer versions of anything we do SEPARATELY, drives me crazy.

But HR tend to be prehistoric on those subjects, and they're scared that our data could be visited by intruders - which can't happen if you don't publish them.

If anyone knows a "local server" version of Google Docs, let me know !