Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Incest [poetry]

You are my father,
You are my brother,
You cannot be my lover;
But I still fell in love with you.

I tried to hide my feelings,
Stabbed my mind to convince myself,
False consciousness of the real world:
My love repressed, twisted, closeted and twirled.

I was in love with you,
I had desired you,
And wanted to make love to you,
But incest’s shame was looking down on me.

I used to love you… to love you,
But now I hate you:

You pretended to be my brother,
You pretended to be my father.
I pretended to be your brother,
I pretended to be your son.

Wasn’t I all the while your lover?


creyzeee said...

wow...wish i cud write lik dat!!

murali said...

ooohhhh...wow! what made u write that man!