Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In the Land of Dreams... [poetry]

In the land of dreams I met a sage:
Said I’m destined to be a Queen on stage,
He saw me shine in the dark like a beam,
Perfecting the art in an act supreme!

His deep voice addressed me with finesse,
Guided me on the road to success,
Cautioned me to always strive and fight
So the flame in me I would ignite.

“If you want triumph to be your song,
Always remain strong all along,
For nothing in life is trouble-free,
Fly like a bee on a honey spree!”

Ever since, I perform my best,
Trounce the hardships that come as a test
Into my life to dispute my resolve
My passions I’ll never let dissolve!

Nightly by the light of a candle,
I pray that obstacles I can handle
That my aspirations never strife
So I can find blessedness in my life.

I know that real was that dream,
That someday like a star I will gleam;
That deep within me rests a seed,
Waiting to grow till the day I succeed.

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