Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Original "It Gets Better"

I love Rick Mercer (his webpage here; his wikipage here). By I love Rick Mercer, I mean I really heart the man. Rick Mercer IS Canadian Pride. Says who? Well I say so! 

[I've lived in Canada for almost three years now: I do have a say as to what counts as Canadian Pride, right?]

Yes, there is Naomi Klein, and Rufus Wainright, and Marshall McLuhan... And there's Justin Beiber too (let's not forget the Beibs) and there's Stephen Harper too (let's not forget the Harps... Okay, that was a tasteless joke), and there's Margaret Atwood too (but I haven't made up my mind on Atwood yet)... But above all this, there is Rick Mercer!

Fellow blogger, Small Town Queer, recently brought my attention to the fact that Rick Mercer had made a video back in 2007 that was, in fact, the original "It Gets Better." Indeed, what I like about Rick Mercer's video (other than being innovative back in 2007, and done what the rest of the world could think about only three years later), is that things do get better after you watch his video.

Oh Rick Mercer! You make my experience in this cold snowy land so much more enjoyable! *Sigh*


Small Town Queer said...

Hell yeah you get a say in what counts as Canadian pride! :)

Thanks for the linkage.

canadianhumility said...

Nice find of a video, to both of you! And what a great, universal message that Rick provides. Not quite as touching, but tinged with humour - maybe not what people need in times in crises, but also it may exactly what people need.

On a side note, I'd say Margaret Atwood is a phenomenal Canadian. It is most unfortunate that you have written her name in the same paragraph as

Stephen Harper's.

Amak said...

@ STQ:
Yei! Thanks for legitimizing my point of view!

@ Neil:
No, don't even link Atwood and Mr Harper! Eeeeewwww! All I was trying to say is that I am not entirely sold on Atwood's writing yet. But I read your blog and I know how crazy you are about her novels. I shall give it a try in due time. So far, the short stories and poems of her I've read haven't done much for me. But I am willing to consider her novels. I have a good feeling about them! :-)