Sunday, December 12, 2010

Serious Post and Serious Question: what would you do to fill up the time if you were stuck in an elevator for more than 15 minutes?

As you may know, I am playing the role of Kalil in the play Arabian Night (link here.)

Kalil's climax in the play (other than the sexual climaxes of being seduced by three different women who start howling like wolves during their orgasms) is when he gets stuck in an elevator while on his way to meet Fatima, his girlfriend. This is the point where everything turns upside down in his life.

This means that I am left with roughly 15 minutes on stage, stuck in an elevator. While I have worked on some pantomime, some humorous jumps and growls, expressions of anger and frustration and moments of despair, 15 minutes in a non-physical elevator on stage is an awful lot of time to fill (even if there are other things happening on stage during those 15 minutes.)

So the question is, and I encourage you to be creative and/or be realistic: what would you do if you were stuck in an elevator for 15 minutes? How would you react and how would you fill the time? 

[Note: you have no cell-phone and/or pocket-game on you!]


Anonymous said...

I am sure I would like to pee.


Marie-Laure said...

I would play on my phone or go on twitter --" Anyway I aways have a book with me, perhaps I'ld read...

From shore to shore, without anchor said...

Sing entire songs. Dance. Grimace.

Citronella said...

James Franco has or is doing a role where he plays someone getting caught in an avalanche. And what does he do stuck under mountains of snow?....He masturbates!...Might be entirely too provocative for your production or might fit right in but you be the judge :D

Amak said...

@ Anonymous:
I really like the idea of peeing! I may just fit it somewhere indeed, provided I find the space to bring a denouement to it when I get out of the elevator... Thanks! :-)

@ ML:
Ah non, tu triches, la !
I don't have any props on stage and I am not supposed to have a phone and/or a book. That'd be too easy. Any other suggestions though?

@S to S:
Yes, there'll be a lot of grimacing indeed! And YOU will be here in the audience to watch it! Yei!

@ Citronella:
Thanks for your comment! I think that'd be an idea, but I'll have to talk it through with the director first, and I'm not sure they'd want this. As it is, I already have a scene where I am hiding an erection, and by the end of the play, my character gets pretty much raped by three women (and then gets stabbed by his girlfriend.) I'll note this down though! :-)

@ All of you:
Thanks for your comments! You're great! And if something else comes to your mind at a later point, I'd love to hear your other thoughts. xoxo.

Neil said...

This play sounds very interesting! If you're flexible, you could do some yoga poses. You could dance to a recognizable song like Thriller or... Single Ladies!? I do like the masturbation idea - you could be discrete.

Amak said...

@ Neil:
Thanks for yours! I rehearsed the scene where I hide my erection today. It's hi-la-rious!!

I think I'll skip the masturbation part. And today, I told the rest of the troupe about the answers I got from this post. And guess what? The peeing part has just been stolen away from me from a fellow-actor who is playing the guy stuck in the brandy bottle (and he ends up peeing in his brandy!)

This play is getting more and more exciting every single day!