Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Short Journey [sonnet]

Lipstick stains on the rim of a mug;
Down to the depths, red, her long legs,
Shoed in the darkness of coffee dregs,
Plant a kiss on the brim with a shrug.

I smell you with my tongue like a drug;
A whiff smirks, in love, a breath begs
For the lock of a kiss that pegs
Your being onto mine: our tongues snug.

You remember the tip of a blade of grass
Where we found a pearl made of glass;
The sun had furled itself at dusk,
Covered our love in its husk?

On the rim of that mug, the tip of that blade
Was a (too) short journey: our love frayed.


Monidipa said...

I love! I think you're one of the best among the people I know who write in rhymes. (And being in a lit department that makes it quite a few people, but not too many, unfortunately. Rhymes are awesome.)

Amak said...

Awww... Thanks so much! :-)

And I'm glad somebody gets my rhymes!