Saturday, June 12, 2010

On Privacy, Blogging Settings and New Features [at The Queer Behind the Mirror]

So here we go, I am officially back to regular blogging schedules and practices. But before we move on, with fragments of mirrors tightly packed in the darkness of a queer blogging-bag, here are the new rules and protocols:

I spent a considerable amount of time looking into privacy settings and private matters last week. I guess the need to officially distinguish between the real me and my blog persona reached its finality after months of thinking and deliberating. This is how it is as from now on:

a-- The blog is still called The Queer Behind the Mirror;
b-- The author of the blog is now called Amak and all previous entries that didn't feature the name Amak have now been altered;
c-- The couple of real names that were present on the blog have now been removed and/or altered;
d-- The blogger behind this blog now has the following e-mail address: thequeerbehindthemirror [at] (which means you can-- and should-- contact Amak!);
e-- Finally, the Picasa albums have now been made private.

With time. I hope that my real name will get totally erased from online content. I would request, whenever possible, to refer to the blog and the blogger behind the blog as The Queer Behind the Mirror and Amak respectively.

New (and hopefully exciting) features on the blog:

a-- Blogger came out with new layouts and templates; since the blog was on packing-moving mode, I decided to play around with colors and designs: so what do you think of the new look of the blog?
b-- I have upgraded the use of Feedburner to cater to many more needs and desires: you may now share, subscribe, comment etc. and do so more easily and on more networking sites directly from your reader;
c-- Would you rather receive the posts from the blog directly in your e-mail inbox? You now have the option to simply sign up with your e-mail address and the posts will be delivered in your inbox directly. [Disclaimer: This is your choice and that's an option you will have to deactivate yourself if you feel the need to! Do NOT accuse me of spamming you if I tend to post 4 times in a day!];
d-- There are now two new links under the heading of "Recent Photo Albums." Having made my albums private, you can now still check out the latest two that had been put up in case you missed them and/or want to see them again-- just click on the links;
e-- The share this button under each post is still there. The exciting part that has been added is that you can now give your anonymous point of view on any post by hitting on either one of the following tabs: 'likes this', 'does not like this', 'agrees', & 'disagrees'. Now, that should be fun, shouldn't it?!

Of course, should you have any comments, suggestions, anything you like (or don't), want to see changed, want to see in a different light etc. you now have an e-mail address where to reach me. 

So that's it for now. To come: Albums from Mauritius, the last snippets that never got posted and maybe I'll even tell you about my new summer love(r)s! 


Oh, oh, oh... And in July The Queer Behind the Mirror celebrates its 3rd! Don't you think we should celebrate this?


Tia said...

Changes made and love the new look!! Have inspired me to play with my blog as well after my exams are done.

The Illustrious D said...

Very pretty, but near impossible to read, bud.

Amak said...

@ Tia:
Thanks! And I know you've been a proficient blogger these days. I am yet to look up all the new stuff. Argh, thesis taking my life away from me.

@ ID:
Will look into this and make alterations. Thanks.