Saturday, December 26, 2009

Grammar Police [a new cult]

I think we should make a new cult out of it. The Cult of Cute Grammar Nazis.[*] Who wants to join? And we can all get pins like the one in the picture and we'll begin by conquering schools and universities and then we'll tackle the written press and once our army is strong enough, we'll clean up our biggest challenge: the web!

[*]The term Cute Grammar Nazi comes from a boy to whom I was explaining how anal I am (no pun intended) about syntax, grammar, spelling etc. to which he replied that I was the "cutest grammar Nazi" he ever met. This is clearly one of my favorite pick up lines, even if I did not end up picking him up by the end of it...


Astraeus said...

my syntax is deplorable

i m your next victim!

Brahm said...

ooh, I love it, what a great idea.... so much to fix out there!!!!