Monday, February 9, 2009

The World's Most Famous Video

I think this video is the world's most famous video! It was posted on the 30th of January 2009, and 6,892,881 people so far, rated 24,772 times, commented 16,286 times and above all, favourited (yeah, there is such a verb!) 64,652 times! It's just crazy! I discovered this video last week when Yani (who sometimes shares my office space) showed it to me from somebody who had sent her the link. And today, I had somebody else sending me the link. I can't deny it's hilarious and Yani and I rolled like balls all over the floor and literally cried with laughter. So I thought I should share it: It's a good laugh (though I am sure NONE of us would want to be in that kid's place when he grows up!)

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AnnaChronism said...

HAHAHAHAH this is cute !
I love your blog btw.
Stopping over from Rohit's.