Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rains' Daughter [poetry]

Her skin,
Happy as a toad hopping amongst silver pearls in wet grass,
Bided adieu to its clothing:
The oily layers of filth and dust.

Rain drops slapped her face
Like icy shooting stars hitting the ocean.
Cold enveloped her body,
A blanket of ice, she thought,
Mummification in snow!

Muddy water inundated her shoes.
Coffee powder added to milk,
White socks turned brown,
Sticking to her skin,
Like jelly fish on a fisherman’s foot.

The sky’s shower dampened her hair,
Made every inch of her face wet.
The lusty tongue licked her thin lips,
Her pointed nose, grey eyes, emaciated eyebrows…
Smudged black lines flowed down her marble eyes.
She gave in to the rain and kissed it back:

Her tongue traveled over the edge of her upper lip.
It tasted of diluted apple juice-
Pink gloss dissolving in water.
Small pearls formed down the lobe of her ears;
She changed ear rings every eight seconds.
Then they fell,
And disappeared within the cotton of her grey kurti.

The deluge raided every inch of her self:
Thunder beat its drums in her ears,
Spider drops weaved a watery net round her legs,
Thighs, breasts, neck: her whole body;

Like horse leeches refusing to let go,
Black jeans agglutinated themselves to
Her calves, legs, knees and buttocks:
She walked in her new denim skin.

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Anonymous said...

good effort, my friend. i don't want to sound like an editor, so will reserve certain stupid meticulous comments. hehe. all i'd say is that there's a lot of soul in the poem, but it seems to be a little mired in words.
but do hope to see more of your poetry :)